Traditional Tang Soo Do


Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean martial art dedicated to the fitness of the mind, body, and spirit through practical application and practice. It is not a sport. Though it is not essentially competitive, it has great combat applications. You can get a great aerobic workout in addition to learning weapons, fighting skills, self-control and discipline.

Want to do it all in the safe environment and friendly people?

Classes are for people of all ages and families are encouraged to train together.

“Our focus is personal training in a small group setting to ensure that every student receives the personal attention necessary to succeed.”

Come train with us!

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  • No Non-sense Mandates or Politics.

Tai Chi for Health and Fitness


Tai Chi relaxes and regulates your central nervous system, releasing physical and emotional stress, and promoting mental and emotional well-being. Tai Chi can give you a high degree of relaxation, balance and physical coordination. Tai Chi's incredible powers for restoring health, reducing stress and promoting longevity are reflected in its popularity, with over 200 million practitioners worldwide. Many people begin Tai Chi when they are in their 50's or older. Tai Chi's practitioners in their 60's, 70's or even 80's display a flexibility you rarely see in many 30 year olds.

* You don’t need special clothes or shoes to do Tai Chi either, so it is easy on your wallet.

Classes will be forming soon!

Anyone wanting to attend must call

Prenatal Tai Chi


The Perfect Exercise for Mothers-to-Be

Staying fit during pregnancy is important, so if you know any mothers-to-be, let them know that there’s a new, safe and gentle fitness and workout program available. Tai Chi is gentle, easy to follow, and safe for all trimesters of pregnancy because it is done slowly while standing up, even when your range of motion is decreased.

* You don’t need special clothes or shoes to do Tai Chi either, so it is easy on your wallet.

Classes will be forming soon!

Anyone wanting to attend must call


First/Private Lesson fee         $45.00
No other fees are applicable at this point.

Trial Month Fees
The trial month gives both the student and the academy the opportunity to ensure that Tang Soo Do is the correct system for you.

'Lil Warriors (2 classes/week):  $60.00
Tang Soo Do (2 classes/week):  $70.00
Tang Soo Do (3 classes/week):  $80.00
During this time there is no obligation for the trial student to purchase uniforms or pay registration fees. If you wish to become a full member before the trial month is due please see Master Amill for registration and uniform costs.

NOTE: On attendance of your first lesson please ensure you are wearing comfortable loose clothing. Please do not wear singlet shirts or tank tops. T-shirts and sweat pants or appropriate shorts are recommended. Hair should be tied back from your face. Jewelry is not permitted to be worn on the training floor.

Membership and Tuition Fees
On completion of your free trial and wish to become a full member, you will then receive an enrollment and fee agreement. This agreement outlines the registration, tuition and uniform fees as follows:

   TANG SOO DO                                   
$80.00 - Single Student               
$140.00 - 2 Family Members   
$170.00 - 3 or more Family Members

    'Lil Warriors
$60.00 - Single Student
$100.00 - 2 Family Members
$140.00 - 3 or more Family Members
*In order to qualify for the Family Plan Fee, all members must be of the same immediate family.

Universal Tang Soo Do Alliance (UTSDA) Registration $35.00
This fee gives the active student lifetime membership with UTSDA. If a student is inactive for a period of 3 months or more this membership becomes invalid and is renewable on recommencement of training. All testing certification is issued through UTSDA.

Beginner Packs
'Lil Warriors Pack (4-6 yrs.) $35.00
Junior Pack (7-14 yrs.) $85.00
Senior Pack
(15 yrs. - Adults) $95.00

Pack consists of: uniform, belt, patches, School T-shirt and student manuals.
These prices are based on 6 - 8 oz. cotton uniforms only.
Heavyweight (14 oz.) uniforms are available at a different price.
Larger uniforms and school T-shirt prices increase with size.


Monthly invoices, Cash/, Checks, Credit/Debit Card, EFT

Military & Law Enforcement Discounts


NOTE: This payment schedule is in effect as long as the student remains an active member on any of Choson Martial Arts programs.


Our program is an investment!

We do not compete with other schools on pricing!