Our eldest son has been a student at Choson Martial Arts since 2005. The instruction he has received from Mr. Amill has contributed to his growth in self-confidence, responsibility and leadership.  We have observed him to incorporate principles learned through Tang Soo Do into the areas of academics, peer relationships and personal problem solving skills and decision-making.

Our youngest son, now 8, began studying Martial Arts just last year. In just a short amount of time, he has demonstrated a boost in self-pride, confidence and a true desire to give his best effort in everything he attempts to do.

Tang Soo Do and Choson Martial Arts are a significant factor in our sons’ upbringing.  We believe it has provided not only a great avenue to keeping our boys physically active and mentally challenged, but also personally gratified with each obstacle they conquer and proud of every accomplishment they make.

Whenever parents ask about our family’s experience with Choson Martial Arts, we always speak of the welcoming environment, encouraging attitude, and efficient instruction provided by the instructor. The lessons learned at Choson Martial Arts have allowed our boys to be champions inside and outside of the ring!

Mr and Mrs. Bryan & Sundi Williams – Proud Team Choson Parents


What I like about karate is how I can learn self-control. I can make new friends, and going to karate with them is basically just like hanging out with them, I’ve learned about how I can defend myself when I’m in the streets, but also how to only use my skills for defense.

  I can even use what I’ve learned to get myself out of situations with bullies at school.  We sometimes do fun things like potlucks and the annual Break-A-Thon.  Overall, karate is one of the best things for me. It’s my sport.

Bryan Williams (3rd Gup Sr. Brown Belt) – Proud Team Choson Student


I think Mr. Amill is doing a wonderful job as teacher.  My child has showed he can do it. I like watching him compete.

Mr and Mrs. Randall & Pamela Sullivan – Proud Team Choson Parents


I think that Mr. Amill is awesome because he is not always serious he acts goofy but when its time to get serious its time to get serious. He also really cares about keeping us safe ever since he started his school not 1 person has been harmed so that and that alone shows he cares.  So that’s why I think Mr. Amill rocks.

Randall Sullivan (6th Gup Green Belt) – Proud Team Choson Student